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If you really love Mickey Mouse as King Mickey a KeyBlade master from the popular video game/manga series, "Kingdom Hearts" then this is the place for you!

He deserved some LOVE as well! Do you agree?

Just Kingdom Hearts fanart with King Mickey in them is allowed!
KH fanart stuff of his girl, Queen Minnie is also allowed!
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May 2, 2011


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I'm the ruler of this club!
Respect me like we all respect King Mickey and his friends!




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There's finally something NEW for us fellow KH fans that still own PS3 or PS4 (no idea if it will be for just one of them or be for both yet)

There finally a trailer to the next set of KH how the first two was for PS3...except in this mostly new stories!
One is the Dream Drop Distance in HD...two others are two new stories! One with a familiar character while the other tells a different tale with new characters.…
More on a fellow DA club of KH…
What do you think of this?!

Comes out late this year...with a upcoming news about the long-awaiting Kingdom Hearts 3 that also suppose to come late this year!

Your thoughts?!
This may have nothing to do with Mickey and Kingdom Hearts...but it does have to do with Disney...

To those who also a fan of the classic tale as old as time...will love to know about the first ever teaser of the new live-action version that soon hitting theaters on March 2017!…
Your thoughts?
ATTENTION to those who also a fan of the popular video game, "Disney Infinity"

Sad news if this is really true!
After releasing new Infinity characters from "Alice: Through the Looking Glass" and the latest Pixar sequel, "Finding Dory" later this summer, the video game series will then be cancelled!
Don't believe me?…
Are you upset by this?

I thought they suppose to add something about Kingdom Hearts when they once mention about one of the Mickey Mouse figures with the Keyblade (but I could be wrong)
True or not. . .I guess it might never happen now since there suppose to be a new figure of Peter Pan but it now cancelled.

Your thoughts?
Hard to believe that today marked 5 YEARS since this fan club first opened on DA!
Bringing more love for our favorite Disney mouse in the popular video game series, "Kingdom Hearts"

Sorry that it not as popular as it used to be.
I guess we are still waiting for the upcoming sequel that said it suppose to come soon!
Not to mention that there not a lot of new fanart of King Mickey yet...hopefully when "Kingdom Hearts 3" finally hit stores!

If you all hear anything about it, please comment and share it with fellow fans here!

Happy 5 Years :iconkh-kingmickey: club!
Hope for many more as long as we all love Mickey Mouse!
First off, sorry that it been a while since the last blog, never heard much for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game yet (that I known of) that suppose to be coming out soon!

ATTENTION to those who are a fan of this lovely actress as the well-known Disney villain, Maleficent!

Disney recently confirmed that 'Maleficent 2' along with eight other live-action movies is indeed to be released in the coming years with Angelina Jolie (Salt, Tomb Raider, Kung Fu Panda, ETC) reprise her role as one of our favorite villains, Maleficent!
And Linda Woolverton, who penned the script for the first movie (along with both Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass) confirmed to write this sequel!
Your thoughts on this?

Check out these other eight movies that might be coming as well…
What do you all think?
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Clubs that have to do with:
*Mickey Mouse and friends
*Kingom Hearts
*video games (like from Square Enix)
*and many more


Welcome to the first Kingdom Hearts fanclub that's mostly all about our favorite mouse, Mickey Mouse as King Mickey!
Ruler of the world known as Disney Castle with his queen, Minnie and his trusted friends, Donald Duck the Court Wizard and Goofy the Captain of the Guard, by his side.
Not to mention a fellow Keyblade master, trained by Master Yen Sid, a most powerful wizard and teacher to Mickey.
King Mickey by hat-M84
He first kind of appeared as King Mickey in the very first Kingdom Hearts game, when he mysteriously left his kingdom home-planet in search for answers about the new Heartless threat that threaten every worlds exist through out the universe and wondered why the experiments on the Heartless had not ceased.
He once warned Ansem the Wise about how powerful Heartless could be but despite his warnings, Ansem the Wise's experiments on Heartless continued. Soon out of control with darkness, it soon consumed Ansem's homeworld, Hallow Bastion (once known as Radiant Garden) and soon begin to set out to consumed other worlds.
Soon many different kinds of strange yet evil villains from all over begin to seek out a greater power. . .Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds.
When King Mickey disappeared, two of his loyal good friends, Donald Duck the Court Wizard and Goofy Captain of the Guard set out to find him and ran into Sora, the new chosen Keyblade master who was looking for his friends. Riku (who happen to fallen in darkness) and Kairi (who happen to be one of the pure heart princesses that served as keys to unlock Kingdom Hearts) and soon the adventures that we all know of very well begin. (What kind of adventures? Play the first game or read the manga novels to find out)
The Heartless villain with the name Ansem, was defeated by Sora when he was about to open the door to Kingdom Hearts. To prevent the darkness from spreading, Riku and King Mickey sealed themselves on the other side of the doorway to the dark world.
As Sora, Donald, and Goofy progressed up each of Castle Oblivion's floors and memories faded and twisted, Riku and King Mickey fought their way up from the castle's basement. He help Riku battled the darkness within and wanted to walk the same road with Riku.
How Riku and King Mickey got seperated is unknown right now. . .but as Riku still battling his inter darkness, King Mickey still searching for the real Ansem, Ansem the Wise and wondered what really happen to him and who's heartless that took the name of Ansem.
He's the one that explained to Sora, Donald, and Goofy (once they finally reunited at Hallow Bastion in the second game) that the Ansem that they defeat is a Heartless and that the Nobody of it is the main leader of the powerful Nobody group called Organization XIII, who also after Kingdom Hearts to be full again!
He later discovered after seeing the Nobody named Xemnas, he realized that he used to be one of Ansem the Wise's apprentices named Xehanort (who was also used to be a KeyBlade Master named Terra before he was taken control by the real Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts: Brith By Sleep)
After Sora and Riku defeat Xemnas, King Mickey returned home to Disney Castle where everyone is waiting, including his lovery kind queen, Minnie.
Things was going great until Jimmny Cricket found something odd in his journals and went to King Mickey for advises.
When they try to crack the strange code, King Mickey, Jimmny, Donald, and Goofy ended in in the digtal world of the journal where they discovered many things.
What we last seen of King Mickey is that he went to Master Yen Sid (the sorcerer master that taught King Mickey everything he knew about Keyblade and magic) and discovered that there's a chance that since both Heartless Ansem and Nobody Xemnas was destory, it could be possible that the real dark threat, Xehanort might somehow soon return and Sora and Riku is needed right away to show their marks of mastery and to prepare for the most ulimate battle yet.

By the time Kingdom Hearts begins and the Heartless begin to invade other worlds, Mickey leaves his world to discover the cause, leaving a message to Donald and Goofy telling them to find and protect the Keyblade wielder.
His journey ultimately leads him to obtaining a new Keyblade, the Kingdom Key D (キングダムチェーンD?, lit. "Kingdom Chain D"), from within the realm of darkness, using it to seal Kingdom Hearts with Sora.
In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, he helps Riku in his inner fight against Ansem who previously possessed him.
Mickey helps uncover Organization XIII's plan before helping Sora directly during Kingdom Hearts II.
He is playable in certain boss battles in Kingdom Hearts II; if Sora and his friends are defeated, King Mickey will step in to fight in Sora's place until he is able to revive Sora.
He is also a playable character in the multiplayer mode of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
In the aftermath of both Ansem and Xemnas's defeat, Mickey returns to his world, only to go on another adventure in the events of Kingdom Hearts coded, where he learns the fates of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, and contacts Sora to help them.
He originally meets them during the time of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Mickey is a student under Yen Sid and while helping out them with the Star Seeker (スターシーカー?) Keyblade.

In the latest game. Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, some of the new worlds involved with Mickey as a Muskerteer based off a well-known cartoon movie, The Three Muskerteer with Donald and Goofy!
Another world involved with Mickey when he's still learning from Master Yen Sid (like the Fantasia short)
Could these worlds also be part of Mickey's past like the old black and white world of Disney Castle in Kingdom Hearts 2?
Also during the game, Maleficent captured Queen Minnie so she'll forced King Mickey to surrender the digital worlds that's in the journals (the ones in Kingdom Hearts: Coded), so she could used it for her dark purpose. . .but her plans was ruined, thanks to Axel who's now back as Lea and Queen Minnie was saved!
Near the end, Mickey now know that he and his friends must created the 'Seven Lights' and prepare for the ultimate Keyblade battle against Xehanort (the real Xehanort from "Birth By Sleep") and his "Thirteen Darkness" to protect the Seven Pure-heart Princesses and the worlds!

What will happen next for King Mickey. . .we'll just have to wait and see. . .

What do you think King Mickey will be doing when Kingdom Hearts 3 finally comes out?
Will something unexpected happen to him?
King Mickey by kolidescope
#HISTORY of the KH series#
Kingdom Hearts is the first game in the series, and was released in Japan on March 28, 2002.
This was Nomura's first time in a directorial position. Kingdom Hearts introduced the main characters for the series and established the plot's framework, involving hearts and the dark beings known as the Heartless.
It also established the role of Disney characters in the series, with character cameos from the Final Fantasy series.
Kingdom Hearts was released in North America on September 17, 2002, and featured additional content that was not in the original Japanese version.
The game was later re-released exclusively in Japan as Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on December 26, 2002. Final Mix includes the content from the North American release and additional enemies, cut scenes, and weapons.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the second game in the series.
It was released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan on November 11, 2004 and in North America on December 7, 2004.
Chain of Memories was touted as a bridge between the two PlayStation 2 titles, introducing and previewing plot elements that would be explored in the next game. The gameplay system is a departure from the original, instead employing card game mechanics in real time; rather than attacking directly, players construct decks out of cards that allow the player to perform different actions in battle, such as attacking or using magic.
It was remade into a PlayStation 2 game titled Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, which contains polygon graphics instead of the sprites used in the original Game Boy Advance game.
The remake was released in Japan as a second disc packaged with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix on March 29, 2007, and in North America as a standalone title on December 2, 2008.

Kingdom Hearts II is the third game in the series, and is set one year after Chain of Memories.
It was released on the PlayStation 2 in Japan on December 22, 2005 and in North America on March 28, 2006.
The game further explored the "heart" concept by involving the Nobodies and "bodies". The gameplay is similar to that of the first Kingdom Hearts game, with the addition of more options to attack enemies and the Reaction Command, which utilized the triangle button to perform context-sensitive actions in battle and interaction with characters and the environment.
Kingdom Hearts II was revised into Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, which contains more material than the original release, such as additional cut scenes and bosses.
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix was released with Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories in a collection titled Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, which was released in Japan on March 29, 2007.

Kingdom Hearts Coded is the fourth installment in the series, picking up directly after the events of Kingdom Hearts II.
It was released exclusively in Japan for mobile phones and is divided into an episodic format, with a pre-install episode released on November 18, 2008 and eight official episodes released between June 3, 2009 and January 28, 2010.
The game was remade for the Nintendo DS as Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and featured revamped gameplay combining that of 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep.
Unlike the original version, Re:coded was released internationally October 7, 2010 in Japan, January 11, 2011 in North America, and January 14, 2011 in Europe.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is the fifth title in the series for the Nintendo DS and was released in Japan on May 30, 2009, and in North America on September 29, 2009.
It is set primarily between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, revolving around Roxas's time in Organization XIII and his motives for ultimately leaving the Organization to pursue the answers he seeks.
It is the first game in the series to feature cooperative multiplayer in addition to the traditional use of AI-controlled partners, and contains the most playable characters ever featured in a Kingdom Hearts title to date at 19.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the sixth title in the series, released for the PlayStation Portable in Japan on January 9, 2010, and in North America on September 7, 2010 with additional content.
The game is set ten years before the events of the original Kingdom Hearts, revealing the origins of Sora and Xehanort.
It consists of a total of four scenarios, three of which focus on one of the game's three protagonists—Terra, Ventus, and Aqua—with the fourth unlocked upon the completion of the first three.
The game was re-released exclusively in Japan under the title Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix on January 20, 2011 with the content from the English versions as well as new features, such as an additional fifth scenario that may be unlocked upon the game's completion.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS will be the seventh installment of the series and the next major installment after Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
It was previously known as Kingdom Hearts 3D until the official title was revealed.
The game will focus on Sora and Riku taking their Mark of Mastery Exam under Yen Sid in response to the return of Master Xehanort.
Nomura has previously stated that the game would be connected to 358/2 Days, Coded and Birth by Sleep, and would be more of a main game than a spin-off or sidestory.
Chronologically, the game picks up after Kingdom Hearts Coded, and it is set for a March 29, 2012 release in Japan, and a later Summer 2012 release in North America and Europe.
July 31 - North America
August 3 - Europe

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX
In September 2012, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX a compilation for the PlayStation 3 to include both Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Re:Chain of Memories in HD and trophy support. Additionally, the collection will include HD cinematic scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
Spetember 10 - North America
September 13 - Europe and PAL Regions

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
During the closing credits of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, videos of "Kingdom Hearts II", "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep", and "Kingdom Hearts coded" are shown in HD, implying a second compilation.
Nomura himself has admitted that it would be "pretty unnatural" for there not to be a 2.5 after 1.5.

It official that it will soon be release in PS3 in 2014!

Kingdom Hearts X
At Tokyo Game Show 2012, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts χ [chi], previously known as 'Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers'.
It is a browser game for PCs, and is currently only planned for Japan.
Like Kingdom Hearts Mobile, it will be non-canon and also features cartoon-like 2D models.

Kingdom Hearts Mobile
is a Kingdom Hearts-themed social game in which players can play mini-games together.
Unlike Kingdom Hearts for the V CAST and Kingdom Hearts coded, this game does not have a storyline and focuses more on socializing.
The service operates in conjunction with Kingdom Hearts coded—new avatar costumes become available after the player completes an episode of Kingdom Hearts coded.
Kingdom Hearts-related media such as wallpapers, ringtones, graphics, and other items can be purchased and downloaded through the service for mobile phones.

Kingdom Hearts: HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
A game that will include a high-definition remake of "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance", "Kingdom Hearts: X Back Cover", and "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 0.2"
And might show some new scenes that might help prepare for the coming Kingdom Hearts 3!
Coming for PS4 in 2016

Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III features a mature Sora as the main protagonist who sets forth on an adventure with Mickey, Donald and Goofy through new and legendary Disney worlds. KINGDOM HEARTS III will make full use of next generation console technologies to showcase a stunning universe packed full of worlds based on Disney properties.
Story-wise, Nomura has revealed that it will pick up directly after the events of Dream Drop Distance and serve as the final chapter of the story told so far, labelled by Nomura as the "Xehanort Saga".
A trailer was revealed during E3 2013, showing gameplay of Sora in Twilight Town about to do battle with a large swarm of Shadow Heartless.
It also features a scene in which Sora finds Master Eraqus' Keyblade, previously wielded by Aqua after the events of Birth by Sleep, on Destiny Islands
The new worlds of Disney's Tangled and Disney's Big Hero 6 been recently announced as some of the new worlds that Sora and the gang will be visiting in Kingdom Hearts 3!
What other new worlds and which older ones might return for this final chapter?

Already set to be in PS4 and Xbox One (so far) though no word on a official release date yet.

More info about KH…

The series starts with Kingdom Hearts showing how Sora is separated from his friends Riku and Kairi when their world, Destiny Islands, is invaded by creatures known as the Heartless. During the invasion, Sora obtains a weapon called the Keyblade that allows him to fight the Heartless. He soon arrives in another world, Traverse Town, where he meets Donald Duck and Goofy, two emissaries from Disney Castle sent by King Mickey to find the wielder of the Keyblade. The three band together and travel to different Disney-themed worlds, sealing the hearts of the worlds to prevent more Heartless invasions. Along the way, they encounter a group of Disney villains led by Maleficent, who are controlling the Heartless to capture maidens called the "Princesses of Heart", and use their power to open the door to "Kingdom Hearts" and rule over all the worlds. Though they eventually defeat Maleficent, the three discover that Ansem (Xehanort's Heartless) has been using Maleficent and plans to attain eternal darkness by opening Kingdom Hearts himself. Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeat Ansem and seal the door to Kingdom Hearts with the help of Riku and King Mickey on the other side of the door.
In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sora and his two friends begin searching for Riku and King Mickey. They arrive at a fortress called Castle Oblivion, where they encounter members of a mysterious group called Organization XIII, which is made up of non-existent beings called the Nobodies. While in the castle, the three's memories are manipulated by a girl named Naminé who is being forced to do so by the Organization's Marluxia.[56] After defeating the Organization members controlling the castle, the three are put to sleep for a year by Naminé to allow them to regain their memories, though they must lose the memories of their experience in Castle Oblivion. Meanwhile, Riku appears in the basement of the castle and begins traveling to the first floor with the aid of King Mickey. Riku fights both the Organization's members and the darkness in his heart, learning to accept his dual nature between light and darkness. Allying himself with DiZ, Riku aids him in keeping Sora and Naminé safe until the former is awoken. However in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, a snag in the plan over the year forces Riku to capture Roxas, the thirteenth member of the Organization and Sora's Nobody (after Roxas defeated of Xion, Sora's Replica) and is successful reintegrating Roxas with Sora, enabling Sora's reawakening.
At the end of the year in Kingdom Hearts II, Sora and friends awaken from their sleep and resume their search for Riku and King Mickey, learning of the Nobodies and becoming re-familiarized with Organization XIII. Sora once again travels to many Disney-themed worlds and resolves the troubles caused by the Heartless and Nobodies. They eventually reunite with King Mickey and encounter Xemnas, the Nobody of Xehanort and the leader of Organization XIII. The Organization's plan is also revealed—they seek the power of "Kingdom Hearts", the sum of all the hearts that Sora released by destroying the Heartless with his Keyblade, to regain their lost hearts. With the aid of Axel, a rogue member of the Organization who was Roxas's friend, the three arrive at the headquarters of Organization XIII and team up with their friends while defeating the Organization's Xigbar and Saix. Ansem the Wise (who turns to be DiZ after his apprentice Xehanort banished him) uses a device that dissipates some of Kingdom Hearts' power, but a system overload causes the device to self-destruct, engulfing Ansem. At the top of the Castle that Never Was, Sora and his friends battle Xemnas, who uses what remains of Kingdom Hearts to power his multiple forms. After Sora and Riku destroy Xemnas, the two are reunited with their friends at their home.
Another year later, Sora, Riku and Kairi receive a message from King Mickey's detailing how the three became who they are now that Naminé learned of while restoring Sora's memory and left a message in Jiminy's journal that Mickey discovered during the events of Kingdom Hearts coded. As they read the letter, learn of the exploits of the three Keyblade wielders' fates during the events of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (a decade before Kingdom Hearts) by the hands of Master Xehanort (the true Xehanort and an old Keyblade Master) trying to recreate the legendary X-Blade which all Keyblades are modeled after and plunge the worlds into chaos: Terra was converted into Xehanort's new vessel whose experiments later turned his heart into "Ansem" and his body into Xemnas, Ventus sacrificed himself to defeat his dark doppelganger Vanitas to stop Xehanort's plan to obtain the X-Blade to which his body was placed somewhere within Castle Oblivion while his heart ended up with the body of Sora himself, and new Keyblade Master Aqua ended up in the Realm of Darkness. King Mickey also discovers that the destruction of "Ansem" and Xemnas has led to the reconstruction of Master Xehanort. To combat the new threat Xehanort poses, Sora and Riku take an exam to attain the Mark of Mastery that will allow them to become Keyblade Masters themselves.
During the test in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Sora and Riku enter into the Realm of Sleep where they encounter a young version of Xehanort with the ability to travel through time. The two Keyblade wielders also learn of Xehanort's true goal: creating thirteen replicas of himself by placing a piece of his own heart in each "host", thus infecting the body's original heart and taking it over then will pit them against seven hearts of pure light in an ultimate battle to recreate the X-Blade once more. Though the Organization was defeated, Xehanort expected it and became "Ansem" for the purpose of giving his younger self the ability to travel through time and gather other versions of Xehanort together to form the true Organization XIII, the Thirteen Seekers of Darknesses. Though Sora is narrowly saved from becoming Xehanort's final vessel with the aid of Lea, Axel's original self, Riku entered Sora's body to wake him from the nightmare Xehanort placed him in. In the process, meeting Roxas, Ventus, and Xion within Sora's mind, Riku learned from a digital copy of Ansem the Wise that reveals the data he implanted in Sora and how he made be able to save both those who are lost and those that ceased to be. At the end of the exam, only Riku is declared a Keyblade Master while Sora embarks on a new journey by himself to train. In the meanwhile, left with no other option as he feared the Princesses of Heart would be dragged into the conflict, Yen Sid resolves to form the Seven Guardians of Light from any available Keyblade user (including Kairi) to combat the Thirteen Darknesses in the upcoming final battle.
Kingdom Hearts 3 will take place after the events of "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance", with Sora and company attempting to finally thwart the plans of Master Xehanort!

#KH Games#
*Kingdom Hearts
[PS2] [2002]

*Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories (story before KH2)
[GBA, PS2] [2007]

*Kingdom Hearts 2
[PS2] [2007]

*Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days (story during KH:CoM and before KH2)
[DS] [2010]

*Kingdom Hearts: Brith by Sleep (a prequel before the very first KH story)
[PSP] [2010]

*Kingdom Hearts: Recoded (story before KH3D and KH3)
[DS] [2011]

*Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (story before KH3)
[3DS] [2012]

*Kingdom Hearts: HD 1.5 Remix
[PS3] [Fall 2013]

*Kingdom Hearts: HD 2.5 Remix
[PS3] [2014]

*Kingdom Hearts X (I think JAPAN ONLY)
[maybe PC] [UNKNOWN]

*Kingdom Hearts Mobile
[mobile devices] [UNKNOWN]

*Kingdom Hearts: HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (like KH 1.5 Remix and KH 2.5 Remix only with some other new stuff as well before KH3)
[PS4] [2016]

*Kingdom Hearts 3
[confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, if it will also in other systems is right now unknown] [UNKNOWN YET!]
Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Tribute by Kanokawa
Takashi Aoyagi…
-Wayne Allwine (February 7, 1947 – May 18, 2009)…
[Kingdom Hearts-Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days]
-Bret Iwan…
[Kingdom Hearts: Brith By Sleep-PRESENT]
*Draw King Mickey and his friends with RESPECT!
Keep it G to High PG (same rating as the games)

*No nudity not even rasist, sexist, and vugar in anyway.
The only pairing that's allowed in this club is King Mickey and his queen, Minnie!
Fanart of them by-by-side, holding hands, or/and a simple kiss will do but no extreme love if you know what I mean!
There's still kids here that looked up to this mouse as a cartoon idol hero!

*Fanart stuff of JUST Queen Minnie Mouse is now allowed as long as it in the KH version of Minnie!
Until it get a certain amount to gain it own folder, it will go to the folder "King Mickey and Queen Minnie" folder.

*No gore and bloody scenes please! This is Mickey Mouse we'll talking about!
The only blood exist is like a cut or bruises if you know what I mean! Nothing MAJOR like a half-rotten zombie or something! We also don't want to give someone nightmares!

*No foul nasty language! Not even in comments and art titles! You never heard this mouse cursed. . .so why should we now?!

*No stealing art ideas (unless you got the artist's permission)

*Crossovers are allowed. . .but not OCs like the son/daughter/children of King Mickey and Queen Minnie!
Maybe a OC with King Mickey. . .but that's IT! OC made-up characters are ONLY allowed in fan-stories! Other kind of OCs will be denied!

*Submit art to the right folder PLEASE!
The folder list is below!

*Break most of the rules and I'll have no choice but to banished you from the club FOREVER (echo echo echo)

Any questions asked me and I'll do my best to answer!

WARNING: Any KH fanart WITHOUT King Mickey will be denied!
And if you submit a Mickey fanart (like just a fanart of Epic Mickey for example) and it have nothing to do with Mickey as King Mickey then it will also be denied!
After all, this KH fanclub is mostly about King Mickey!
Kingdom Hearts by bleedman

*King Mickey Folder*
Kingdom Hearts King Mickey by Dream-Of-Serenity
The folder that holds fanart of King Mickey BY HIMSELF!
From his organization coat to the other outfits he wear through out the games. With him holding his Keyblade or not. It's up to you!

*Queen Minnie Folder*
Princess Minnie by Pon3Splash
Just like the "King Mickey Folder", It also allowed fanart stuff of JUST Queen Minnie Mouse, as long as it the KH version!
Other version of Minnie (like JUST Minnie in the "House of Mouse" version") will be DENIED (unless it involved with a crossover of KH version)!!
Minnie WITH Mickey go to the folder "King Mickey and Queen Minnie"
Minnie in a Group pic will go to the "Group Folder"
Minnie involving with a crossover (KH version with a different version, etc) go to the "Crossover Folder"

*King Mickey and Queen Minnie Folder*
A King and his Queen by PrayerGirl1
The folder that holds fanart of JUST King Mickey and his loverly kind queen, Minne.
Remember. . .NO EXTREME LOVE STUFF! Just simple and sweet!

*King Mickey's Worlds Folder*
experience the magic by taintedsilence
The folder that holds fanart that have to do with his homeworld, Disney Castle and other worlds that's mostly involved around our favorite mouse in the Kingdom Hearts series
-Timeless River (KH2)
The black and white world of Disney Castle past. Mickey (before he was King) in the old Disney cartoon style of the 20's-late 40s
Disney Castle was in works around that time
(Kingdom Hearts 2)
-Country of the Musketeers (DDD)
Back when Mickey and his two friends, Donald and Goofy, started out as rookie musketeers in the kingdom.
I think around the time he first met Princess Minnie and figured out that Pete is truly evil
(Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance)
-Symphony of Sorcery (DDD)
During the world of Fantasia, when Mickey started out learning about Keyblades, magic, and other worlds as a sorcerer apprentice for the Great Wizard Yen Sid
Discovered many secrets since!
(Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance)
Mickey in other worlds (like the official worlds in the KH series) will go to the folder, "King Mickey in OTHER Worlds"
Mickey in crossover-like worlds (that's NOT in Kingdom Hearts [yet or never will be]) go to the "Crossover Folder"

*King Mickey in OTHER Worlds Folder*
KingdomHearts Destiney Islands by yellowhima
The folder that holds fanart of King Mickey in any worlds that officially appeared in the KH game series.
Alone, with some friends from what world, or battling some Heartless and/or foes of that world.
Mickey in crossover-like worlds that's NOT in Kingdom Hearts (yet or never will be) go to the "Crossover Folder"

*King Mickey VS. . . Folder*
King Mickey VS by arthelius
The folder that holds fanart of JUST King Mickey fighting enemies like Heartless, Nobodies, Pete, and many more foes that's from the game!
Make it a good one!

*Groups Folder*
Toward Tomorrow by OZKai
The folder that holds fanart of King Mickey in a group pic with friends, allies, and/or enemies and foes.
KH group fanart WITHOUT King Mickey WILL BE DENIED!

*Crossovers Folder*
royal struggle by twisted-wind
The folder that holds fanart of King Mickey meeting different characters and been in different other worlds that have nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts.
Also him dressing as a character from different stories that have nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts and him with his other versions of himself (like KH Mickey with Epic Mickey)!

*Keyblade Designs Folder*
Keyblade Light Seeker by Marduk-Kurios
The folder that holds fanart of any keyblade weapons that King Mickey used through out the game.
You could also try to created some new ones for JUST King Mickey!

*Comics and Written Stories Folder*
KHCoMcomic2-01 by theRedDeath888
The folder that holds written stories and comics that got King Mickey in it!
As a main character or just featured in the story! As long as he in it!

*OTHER Folder*
The folder that holds KH King Mickey stuff that don't fit in any of the other folders here.
This folder holds:
*Cosplay pics (of King Mickey)
The King and I by 0Charcoal0
*Crafts/Items pics
Plush Mod - King Mickey by KimYoshiko
*Stamps and Icons
What kind of Stamps?:
Stamps with King Mickey in it
Stamps with JUST the Kingdom Hearts title and/or symbol
Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku
Even stamps of the game systems that known for Kingdom Hearts like PS2, DS, GBA, PSP, 3DS, get get what I mean.
Playstation stamp by 3enzo
*Contest Entries Folder*
Dream Drop Distance by SaiyaGina
The folder that holds fanart for art contest that's been happening in this club!
New contest maybe be in 2014!

*Past Entries Folder*
:: Re: Chain Of Memories :: by mazjojo
The folder that holds fanart entries from past contests that happened in this club.
-Kingdom Hearts' 10th Anniversity Contest (failed)
-Mickey's Dream Drop Distance Contest (failed)
Kingdom hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance:wallpaper by GamerGirlX64
Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Tribute by Kanokawa
Have FUN!
All Hail King Mickey! >_<
From the founder, fellow artist, gamer, and BIG KH fan of King Mickey

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